Why no posts?!?

So you may have noticed my posts here have been few and far between and might wonder what happened to me. Never fear, I’m still around and have been very busy in the testing world.

In May I changed jobs and am now a software test manager at WTS Paradigm, so I’ve been getting used to my new role and working with a new team. In August I was reelected to the board of directors for the Association for Software Testing and then elected President. I’m also the conference chair for AST’s eight annual conference (CAST) which will be held this summer in Madison, WI (hope to see you there). Finally in my “spare” time I’ve been a guest on the STP TWiST Podcasts.

Because blogging takes so much time it hasn’t happened lately, however I have become very active on twitter (@DynamoBen). So if you want to catch up on what I’m doing or see some of my software testing ramblings you can find me there, 140 characters at a time.

So while I may not be posting here as much as I used to I’m still around, and I will likely continue to post here in the future when I’m inspired and need more than 140 characters.

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