Attend CAST 2010

Last year was my first CAST. I had heard countless good things from the community testers I interact with, this in combination to the cost savings were the main drivers for my attendance (employers like the fact that its 1/2 the cost of a larger conference).

Once I got there I discovered why it was so highly recommended. Sessions aren’t just a person lecturing and then you leave, you get the opportunity to ask questions and test the presentation. This takes each session beyond just a lecture and into true learning and sometimes a debate. In addition I discovered the best part of CAST happens after the sessions in the hallways.  I got to break bread and talk with testers I respect about my ideas, I got to ask questions, and share war stories. I also got to interact and network with testers beyond the casual hello while passing one another in the halls. Instead of a stack of business cards, many of which never get used, I was able to build a true “support network” which I use through out the year.

You need to attend CAST, but be careful its addictive, you will never view conferences the same again. 😉

Attend CAST 2010

The 5th annual Conference of the Association for Software Testing

August 2-4, 2010, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

“Skills in Testing”

About CAST

CAST reflects the AST’s core mission: to build community amongst scholars, practitioners, and students for the advancement of the practice of software testing. In 2010, CAST aims to leverage peer collaboration to build an enhanced understanding of how various skills influence tester effectiveness.

CAST offers a unique opportunity to learn and confer with others that simply isn’t found at other conferences. Each scheduled session allocates time for facilitated “open season” discussions that encourage participants to question and challenge the presentation. What takes place in the hallways, at receptions, and during meals and lightning talks truly sets CAST apart; for many attendees, the greatest value is derived from the opportunity to discuss and delve into the topics that matter to them.

Space is limited Register Today!

More information and Registration:

Full Conference Pricing (non-member)

$630 by May 15th, 2010 ($280 savings)

We can’t wait to see you in Grand Rapids!

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